1. Anon

    Hey, my proposal for a different act made the cut, but I have to tell you, it’s not nearly as well-written or informed as yours–hope you find a home for this elsewhere.

  2. kingleor

    Thanks for the very sincere feedback. Aside from what David said were deciding factors, who knows what he personally feels are the key elements to a successful book… but, he certainly does have the experience and knowhow, so I won’t judge!
    Thanks again, and good luck on your proposal!

  3. recklessassumptions

    I have to say that your proposal was excellent, and this post was the entire reason I decided to post my failed pitch, and the catalyst for me to start blogging again.

  4. kingleor

    I must say, that is such a high compliment – it’s made my day! Thank you so much for that and definitely keep on blogging!

  5. 33thirdreader

    Just curious – did you ask for feedback from 33 1/3 on why the proposal was rejected? Curious to know why they didn’t bite.

  6. kingleor

    Yep. Here’s what David said:


    Thanks for this – and no, your email is perfectly polite!

    I couldn’t really find any specific criticisms of your proposal – it was very well put together and compellingly written. Of the hundreds of proposals that didn’t make the cut, there were about 75 which could easily have made it through to that stage – I just had to draw the line somewhere – and yours was one of those. So please don’t be discouraged. I hope we’ll be able to work together at some point in the future.

    Very best,


    David’s a great guy – I can’t even imagine how he’s been able to write such considerate emails to the countless number of emails he must be getting. It’s too bad my proposal didn’t make the cut, but hopefully I’ll be able to bring this somewhere else… The Promise Ring’s story is important and I hope I can find a publisher who considers it to be the same.

  7. Hey there. Posting this was a very cool idea. Mine didn’t make the cut either, and after reading yours, I see I have a long way to go. I’ll still try again, and I certainly hope you do the same. Best of luck!

  8. kingleor

    Hey Matt,
    Thanks for the props, I appreciate it. And I suggest you do the same and post your proposal, even if you don’t think it’s up to snuff… the entire concept of 33 1/3 is about sharing music you’re passionate about, so go ahead and share! And I certainly look forward to the next round, though I relish the opportunity to write about The Promise Ring now…

  9. Please, please find a way to continue this project and have it published. Whether it is an online publication or a book or even some kind of dvd.

    The Promise Ring are my favourite band and it’s so frustrating to know so little about them and their music and what some (most of) their songs are actually about.

    If you keep looking for ways to get this underway, I’ll keep looking for it on general release. Please don’t give up.


  10. kingleor

    Dear Jane,
    Thank you for the very kind reply – it really means a lot.

    And I know what you mean about the lack of information and knowledge available about The Promise Ring, which was a large motivating factor in me proposing to write about Nothing Feels Good.

    I’m currently looking into publishing another book entirely which discusses The Promise Ring’s narrative. I’ve been speaking to a few publishers, but if these potential partnerships to publish my work fall through, I may end up self-publishing it. So keep an open eye out for it and check back on the blog; I will definitely update it whenever there is available information.

    Thank you for the great words of support!

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