1. kingleor

    Thank you, I really appreciate it. I’m holding back and hoping that it happens – if it does, then feel free to call it “the best music news you’ve seen on a blog all year” as much as you want!

  2. Saw Enigk the other night at the OK Bear CD release party, and he dropped a little hint, after someone yelled for a SDRE song, and he said “I’d only play that song with that band…you may see that someday.” Basically, a wink and a nudge about the rumors of the SDRE reunion. I’m guessing it’s going to happen.

  3. Leor

    Hey Greg,

    Thanks for the note! It’s good to hear that my experience the last time I saw Enigk is getting repeated (er… sort of… you have to admit, it must be a bit of a pain that people request songs from an entirely different project, but it’s completely understandable), though I’m still a bit anxious to declare it… excited by this news and by the prospect, but slightly skeptical nonetheless.
    Thanks for checking in and giving the good word. Take care!

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