1. dan

    First paragraph really just doesn’t ‘sink in to me’ (oh god) like the rest of the post. They certainly did embody what the 3rd wave was all about, but at the same time, i can’t agree that they “sounded just like everyone else and vice versa”. The sounded like Northstar at an even bigger mall. And i agree with you, it was damn catchy. But come on, who else actually sounded like them when you think about it? The teenage girl in me (who sadly bought that shirt on ebay this morning) would love to know ;]

  2. Leor

    I can dig that, and I understand what you mean. The statement in the first paragraph was very much a generalization: TBS weren’t a blueprint that everyone else copied, but represented an ephemera for what similar types of bands were doing then. No one really had the same half-spoken wail as Lazzara or executed the exact same compositions, but the musical elements retain a semblance of similarity from one moment to the next. Be it Brand New (who TBS had something of a Long Island rivalry with, but I’m gonna hand Brand New the “winner’s” trophy considering how they’ve managed to excel and grow as musicians since the early part of the decade), Thrice, Finch, The Used, Thursday, etc etc, TBS represent a sort of middle-of-the-line stasis for the kind of arpeggiated guitar melodies drenched in emocore post-hardcore ennui and boiled over with a healthy dose of obtuse, lovelorn lyrics.

    True, not every emo band in the 3rd wave was like that. In fact, many of them weren’t. But, when it comes to emo, it becomes a case where the exception becomes the rule; when a few distinct bands have similar elements that tie them closer than the others, it’s representitive of the trend/genre/culture as a whole. Which is why I said they represent that ideal to the nth degree.

    I don’t necessarily agree with that – in fact much of this blog and the forthcoming book is created to negate that idea. But to ignore that concept outright would be shameful; after all, that’s what a majority of folks perceived it to be. And even though a majority of those acts that have been clumped together to represent the mass of emo bands are screamo, and even though Thursday pay tribute to the politically minded punks, and even though Finch was very much a one-hit wonder and Brand New have turned into a reclusive group, that is what a majority of the listening public pegged it all as.

    I know that there is more to what was happening to third wave emo at the time. Hell, even in the mainstream you have two difference of opinions in Dashboard and Jimmy Eat World (who were very much of the 2nd wave transplanted into the 3rd wave by default of success). And then there are the more undergound acts, be they Pedro The Lion, Cursive, The Appleseed Cast… even Sunny Day Real Estate before they broke up for a second time at the beginning of the 2000s. But, as bands representing an entire convoluted genre go, TBS offer the most solid example of what people consider a majority of the mid aughts 3rd wave emo acts to sound like, even if it isn’t a strict, by-the-books interpretation for every band.

    And, not gonna lie, that shirt is pretty sweet… though I can think of a few bands who’s name I’d rather have in TBS’s place…

  3. dan

    Can’t argue with any of that Leor, you definitely hit the rusty old TBS nail on the head. Thanks for giving my small gripe the time of day it perhaps didn’t deserve.

  4. Leor

    No worries whatsoever Dan! Any thought you’d have that would make you go as far as to seek out some sort of answer or response is totally worth the time of day. And this one was inquisitive and good-intentioned (seriously, you should see some of the stuff people will angrily rant at me on this blog… but so goes the nature of the internet, right? I mean, how many posts have I written that complained about one thing or another, or random comments I’ve written that have lambasted the writer… but now I’m going on a tangent.) Thanks for speaking your mind and checking out my writing!

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