1. what do you mean by “I’ll grab stuff from blogs”? are you referring to just individual tracks, e.g. promo samples from the labels?

    I started out downloading free mp3s from the Epitaph website (over dial-up, they took at least 10-15 minutes each) and then buying the full CDs which I liked it. but now it just seems illogical to buy an album you haven’t heard already in full, given how accessible music is in both paid- and unpaid-for forms.

    even though it’s free, downloading is still a market, and lowest-commonest dominator and name recognition still work. what I don’t like is that major-label stuff is usually easier to buy (distribution chains into high-street stores) and occasionally harder to grab (quickly taken down from blog links, etc., although it’s still there in the world of torrents) than more obscure stuff which I’d much rather contribute money towards.

  2. Leor

    By “I’ll grab stuff from blogs,” I mean usually just individual tracks, though some blogs/sites do have links to full free albums (such as Impose, who have a regular column entitled “Approved Theft” with legal free albums).

    I did pretty much the same thing, scouring certain label sites. And I agree with you on the major label/obscure music as a market in the downloading realm… you’d think that, considering the accessibility and ease of downloading, and the preference that many have towards it (especially kids considering they’re practically reared on it these days), that the smaller labels would try and make their stuff more available for downloading. In some cases, they have (I’m thinking of Dischord, which has their own download webstore), though it’s hard for me to pinpoint where the problem lies considering I’m not on the business side of things. What are the cuts that one has to endure when selling music on, say, iTunes, especially when you’re a small label? And as far as the mass reliability of free downloads, what you’re saying, I think, really touches upon my “Consumer kulture” shtick: especially when you’re reliant on sharing music with others, you’ll find more people who consume the kind of stuff that’s on a major label because they don’t seek out stuff for themselves. So thank goodness for whoever set up the “Emo: 1985-1999” folder!

    Luckily, there are more and more sites and programs like, say, Lala, which do allow you to listen to albums in full (and that site does have a pretty good mix of major label offerings and independent albums), and I too always prefer to take a listen before blindly jumping into things!

  3. j

    trocar were from my city (kalamazoo) and i saw them 3-4 times between 1997 and 2000, they had a self titled “7 and a split with pinko besides that cd, they also broke up briefly in 1998 due to two members of the original lineup moving to LA to form the short lived band “sleet”. during this time the remaining members formed the band dynamic ribbon device and put out a cdep thats pretty much impossible to find now….saw them twice in 1998…….alot like trocar but more noisy and frantic from what i remember…..anyways trocar was reformed in late 1998 or thereabouts and “citywater” was recorded shortly therafter. that cd originally came out on littleman records which was their singer, chafe’s label (the trocar/pinko split, pinko “7 , fletcher “7 in ourselves/jihad split “7 and a few other records were released on that label between 1995-99) anyways, you should check out in ourselves, which was a pre trocar band who had a split with the rather well known kalamazoo hardcore band, jihad, its been so long since ive heard this record that i cant remember what it sounds like, but i do remember liking it……most of trocar has moved on to the band hornet, who in my opinion arent half as good as trocar was but pretty decent anyway.

    i would say go to http://www.leonstemple.com they have a pretty decent trocar page there, however it seems to be down right now…..

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