Lil Wayne Drops No Ceilings

Lil Wayne can do it all. Pleading guilty to guns charges. Dropping rhymes on a terribly conceived Weezer track. And now releasing the mixtape No Ceilings.

Nah Right has all the info on the mixtape and a link to download the thing.

All I can say is, in just experiencing the first couple of minutes of the first track, “Swag Surfin’,” this thing is ridiculous. Take a look at this nice stanza that pops up after a solid minute:

I’m the shit/piss, n****

Lil Wayne has taken “infantile” to brand new heights! And the fact that he name drops Obama and Tiger Woods shortly thereafter… it’s something else.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the full-on experience of the rest of the mixtape. With song names like “Ice Cream Paint Job,” there’s bound to be something entertaining around every track bend.

Here’s one query for Lil Wayne to go out on: with everyone praising the guy, how can Lil Wayne raise the roof with No Ceilings? Come on Lil Wayne, that’s got to be wordplay worthy of some mixtape!

Lil Wayne – “Swag Surfin'” (NSFW):

[youtubevid id=”BUY-5Wrai28″]


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