I Can Haz The Bride?

People always talk about how technology impacts our society at such a rapid pace and look-at-all-the-terrible-things-that-are-happening-because-of-it, blah blah blah. I never thought an iPhone App would turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger a la Terminator. This is hardly on the same level of end-of-the-world-at-the-hands-of-technology type of situation, but it does frighten me:

[youtubevid id=”VSkT5XykJzo&feature=player_embedded”]

Where do you draw the line? When do you cut technology out of something as personal as, say, a wedding? (Besides that, isn’t there a general request for people to turn their cell phones off at something as important as a wedding?)

I understand that Dana Hanna, the groom in question, tweeted from the altar as a joke:

This was just done to be funny – we really don’t Facebook THAT often :).

Does that make it better? True, the idea that someone would get on their phone to update Facebook and Twitter is rather funny… But there’s something a little odd about actually going through with the action during your wedding. It’s as if a throwaway “SNL” joke about our obsession with technology came to fruition, and that’s a bit scary. It’s sweet that Hanna would want to update his friends and family that couldn’t make it to the affair, but couldn’t he wait 10 minutes or so until the ceremony over?

I realize it’s a bit strange to discuss this, and it would appear that I’m judging someone about something as arbitrary as their own wedding. Actually, I’m just curious about the entire process itself. From my understanding, people are usually nervous or giddy or so intently focused during their wedding that they can’t concentrate on much else. I’m always one to go for a good joke (or even take it a bit far), but I’m a little bewildered at how Hanna managed to go through with updating his Facebook status and tweeting to the world when everyone there was watching. It’s a bit… odd.

However, I must say, the fact that his now-wife would join in on the fun and react as naturally as she did is a great sign for Hanna. I’d imagine some people would be a bit upset if their significant others took out a cell phone and began texting away in the middle of their own wedding ceremony. But, the fact that his wife seemed happy to grab a phone and type away without any prior knowledge that Hanna would grab his phone on the altar is a good sign. Looks like they are indeed a good match.


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