Somebody give Mickey Rourke a Grammy

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The Grammy Award nominees were officially announced last night. Most criticisms of its blatant populism and lack of any surprise nominations aside, let’s tackle the really big issue with this years nominees:

No Mickey Rourke.

This is bigger than his Oscar loss last year to the overrated performance by Sean Penn in Milk.

But wait. Rourke is just an actor, no more, no less, right?

That is absolutely wrong.

Take at “Rogue Warrior,” a new video game for which Rourke provides the voice of the game’s protagonist, Dick Marcinko. Rourke can now add “musical maestro” to his resume with the song that closes out the credits [via]:

[youtubevid id=”OVoyGUcXepc”]

That’s right. Mickey Rourke rapping. Or talking. And cursing. And grunting a whole lot for a number of bars.

It’s brilliant. Step aside Lady Gaga and give Mickey Rourke a little stage time. Then we’ll see what “crazy” really means.


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  1. andreaitis #

    I can see it now: the Grammys opening song and dance number, with Mickey sing-rap-talk-cursing as he’s being lowered to the stage, tight shot of his face huge on the video backscreens, cameos from Neil Patrick Harris,William Shatner, Beyonce and Adam Lambert, pyrotechnics and guerilla dance moves….

    or, y’know, it’ll just be Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift again.

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