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    Season of love

    I am a Chinese and I have no preference to religion and tradition, but I live and learn in many traditional communities that share different religions. First of all, I think tradition and religion root from the fruition of love that everyone would prefer to. In its way we develop faith like tradition and religion which are the outstanding to distinguish one’s individuality; Perhaps, when we talked of the Hanukah, Christmas or Chinese New Year, we celebrate individually at its moment of time which we share the love to our kinds. Are we acting like the gambler who carries his rabbit’s foot for luck? Are we addicted to the first love to our lucky days for which those days turned into the tradition or religion?
    Many suffered paranoia that created their resistance to distant themselves to reason. It was the time that their fear of invasion by the others, therefore separation is prohibited; so, neither tradition nor religion can be defied. I cannot insist what is the best for individual; but each may look into the doctrines of each religions and the progression of it. It may sound naive in believing the creation of tradition or religion was aimed at the lifesaver to a race; but I believe many think of them were the tool for strength to sustain a race of its kind. Were they our creation in the form of elixir to cure our fear from separation? Did we need the rabbit’s foot to accomplish our bets in living well?
    Perhaps, we can take an example in Galileo who discovered America. He, was born in Pisa to Florence went to Spain. He was commissioned by Spain in search of another route to India. Instead, he found America. He did not bring his tradition or religion to America by making it in Spanish; and America carries its tradition and religion to its own rights by its people because America is alive with tradition and religion. It is because America has its cornucopia of all faiths that no one can dominate; and separation of its own kind is no longer needed to survive as others claimed. Perhaps, tradition and religion are just the signs of the moments of time that people love. If tradition or religion is no longer a lifesaver in the sea of harm; then, such paranoia will end and they will be less prevailed or condoned to exist in societies like American or Chinese or other stable ones. It was the love that made its people preferred.
    Moment of time or Season of love, if we all learn to live well with less paranoia, we all can share our love to live well to our desires. Sweet Potato Latkes, turkey meat with gravy with a bowl of rice are best of recipes for the season of love. I will thank gods and those invited me to diner.
    Why should you miss such good food?
    Merry Christmas and Hannukkah.

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