1. Colin Horgan

    There’s a lot to talk about in this post, but I’ll just comment on one thing because I agree with you on it 100%. What is happening at Rolling Stone? I openly laughed at their top 2009 selections.

    U2: You sort of covered it, but God, what a waste of a #1 spot on a softball clanger that sounded basically like the last U2 album: totally shit. (As an aside, how can anyone take these guys seriously anymore? That traveling claw concert stage set-up was a joke, right?)

    Jay-Z: Huh? As far as I can tell, they listened to the first half of the Blueprint 3 and thought, “oh, well, we get the idea. Can’t be much different on side B.” And then it sooo was.

    The Boss: now known as The “Meh.”

    Green Day: This was perhaps the most offensive title to make the list. I’m having trouble remembering when I last heard an album that smacked so hard of self-importance… oh right, American Idiot. RS described 21st Century Breakdown as a “rock opera about two punk lovers” that revitalizes “the idea of big-deal rockers actually saying something about the world.” What would that be, exactly? War is bad, love is good, something something. IT’S A HIT! PRESS RECORD!

    Major ughs for this year in music.

    p.s. I, too, was disappointed with Passion Pit. What happened there?

  2. Leor Galil

    Yep. Can’t agree more on RS stuff… It’s quite sad actually. Although, I’m not sure which is worse: Their list for ’09 or ’06. In ’06, they had Red Hot Chili Peppers’ dismal double record as their No. 2 album, of the year, and straddling in at 4 was TVOTR – with a record that should have been No. 1 – and the only thing they talked about is David Bowie’s brief appearance on ‘Cookie Mountain.’ For shame. For shame.

    Also, for a pretty fantastic backhanded compliment to U2’s monolithic stage, check out David Byrne’s journal:


    And Passion Pit… yeah… I get the feeling a large chunk of what went wrong was production of their new album, which teased out the glitchy electronics and morphed it into boring “indie” pop… Also, their first EP was originally something of a cute joke the singer made for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, looping electronic beats and singing with a quirky, unbelievably high falsetto over it all… Once the joke ended and PP became a “real” band, all the fun and, well, just about everything good, was sucked out of that group.

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