1. cjcorter

    You are crazy. Steve Albini is doing what he always does, just giving his opinion of what is crap/not crap in his acerbic way. He doesn’t say anything about it being a copyright issue. He says the government shouldn’t get involved. Albini is the last guy to side with the suits!

  2. Leor Galil

    And you didn’t read what I wrote. I never said that Albini cares about copyright issues, but that he was put on the side opposed to sampling. It was odd because he was the one non-suit who didn’t judge the issue of sampling based on legal cases and did it on his own view. I’m guessing you came to the conclusion that I was accusing Albini of caring about copyright issues because you didn’t accurately read this post and just saw the title of the doc. (Copyright Criminals) versus what I actually wrote about Albini giving his two cents on why he thinks sampling is bad.

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