Cap'n Jazz will play more shows

The A.V. Club confirmed something I suspected after Friday night’s surprise Cap’n Jazz set at the Empty Bottle:

Straight from an anonymous but reliable source, The A.V. Club can confirm there will be more Cap’n Jazz shows this year. Additionally, Jade Tree Records is issuing deluxe LP and CD versions of the band’s material sometime in 2010.

Before I left the Empty Bottle Friday night, I ran into Mike Kinsella (of Owen, American Football, and Cap’n Jazz). I’d had a bit of an awkward conversation with Kinsella in December when I asked him about the Cap’n Jazz reunion rumors, and I wanted to apologize for bugging him last month. Kinsella was friendly and made mention of “doing more of these” in the future. I thought this was a dead-ringer for future Cap’n Jazz gigs: My friend who was with me when I chatted with Kinsella wasn’t so sure.

I guess I won that argument. But really, everyone wins.

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  1. Kevin Mack #

    Well, how was the surprise set? Has/have the Kinsella(s) lost a step?

  2. Leor Galil #

    It was fantastic… Everything was clicking so well and everyone in the band was in step and ecstatic (well, Tim appeared a bit grumpy, but that may have been because the focus of the night shifted from this communal Joan of Arc celebration to Cap’n Jazz fest)… It was great to say the least.

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