Valentine's Day Mix

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

What does that mean? Well, it means it’s time for a Valentine’s Day mix, of course!

Below is a nice little mix of songs for VD 2010:

1. Electric Six – “Electric Demons in Love”:

[youtubevid id=”cDGQTlJjCrg”]

2. Andre 3000 – “Happy Valentine’s Day”:

[youtubevid id=”DYnzdj4EK1c”]

3. Nina Simone – “What More Can I Say”:

[youtubevid id=”3qDQ-YECqpQ”]

4. Friendly Fires – “Paris”:

[youtubevid id=”TSdeDJUxF-0″]

5. The Monks – “Oh, How To Do Now”:

[youtubevid id=”T3fAzQzgeSc”]

6. Jakobinarina – “His Lyrics Are Disastrous”:

[youtubevid id=”Bhy7jRltahw”]

7. Burial – “Archangel”:

[youtubevid id=”9hI4bSCy9iE”]

8. The Blow – “True Affection”:

[youtubevid id=”0UpXBS0nXyU”]

9. Tigers Jaw – “Spirit Desire”:

[youtubevid id=”uXHHASilBRw”]

10. Parts & Labor – “Wedding in a Wasteland”:

[youtubevid id=”nfm9VsHF8w0&feature=related”]

11. Trey Parker and Matt Stone – “I Miss You (Pearl Harbor)”:

[youtubevid id=”_pM8PrqY5Rg”]

12. The Promise Ring – “Red & Blue Jeans”:

[youtubevid id=”D9lZ7anrKPE”]

13. Oh No! Oh My! – “I Love You All The Time”:

[youtubevid id=”oYY1hmKuXjI&feature=related”]

14. Hot Club De Paris – “Bonded By Blood (A Song For Two Brothers)”:

[youtubevid id=”vxPkm4wecsI”]

15. Akron/Family – “Don’t Be Afraid, You’re Already Dead”:

[youtubevid id=”7KR85gYuKwI”]

Sure, it’s an odd little mix that covers a range of reactions to “love,” but it may capture the spirit of the day just yet. Feel free to pass it on to significant others, friends and acquaintances.


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