The pickle defeats Nickelback

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The answer has finally come for those who questioned how Facebook can be used as a tool for changing our society. According to Prefix Magazine, that day has come, as a pickle has surpassed Canadian bro-rock act Nickelback in Internet popularity:

It’s been almost two weeks—a lifetime in Internet years—since a Facebook group was set up to see whether a lowly pickle could gain more fans than hoary old grunge throwbacks Nickelback. The good news is: the campaign was successful, the pickle has emerged triumphant, and we can all now move on to join one of the other ‘Can [insert inanimate object] get more fans than [insert name of failing/tiresome celebrity]?’

Now that society has completely changed forever, what can Facebook users do with the website? Surely, there must be something out there as important as a popularity contest between a delicious, brine-drenched cucumber and a vomit-inducing, brine-drenched band, right? Maybe uniting behind a cause that affects the way people think about a hot topic issue, such as the impact of global warming, and providing an open forum for people to gauge their thoughts on the cause, provide insightful feedback and organize to improve society?

No? Well, what if we pit a macadamia nut against global warming? What’s better? Take to the Interwebs!


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