1. Zaid Jilani

    At first the series seemed like it really was just a bunch of stereotypes clashing, but now the characters have started to come into their own and have a lot of personality. I’m glad it’s getting a second season 🙂

  2. theairport

    I think that title should go to 30 Rock. They’ve fallen into a total groove now that they’ve moved past a couple of seasons. If you don’t laugh every time you see Tracy Jordan’s face the terrorists have won. But the last episode of Community trumped everything, though. Once they get done proving themselves in the first season I’m sure it will really take off.

  3. Leor Galil

    Yeah, I was a little apprehensive at first, but the people behind the show really made an effort to establish its characters before letting them run wild… and I can’t imagine how wild they’ll be running come next season!

  4. Leor Galil

    As much as I enjoy 30 Rock, I’d have to side with Community for this season… 30 Rock is still solid, but I’ve been more antsy watching some of this season’s episodes than I normally am, whereas a large portion of the Community episodes I’ve seen this season have knocked it out of the park… It does help that Abed offers the perfect foil to the sitcom style. He’s so self aware and knowledgeable about pop culture, it’s a wonder that there hasn’t been a character quite like him on TV (I won’t even bother with the random Family Guy pop culture references… they take it all out of the moment.)

  5. It just seems like every episode they keep chiseling away at these characters – giving them more awesome threads to work with week after week.

    It’s the dumbest stuff that gets me too, like this week how Rabbi Chang had a problem with his brother being called “Senor Chang.”

    Hopefully the first of many, many more renewals.

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