McLovin starts band that gets attention because McLovin is in it

Mintz-Plasse in Barcelona, 2007

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All New York Magazine‘s Vulture blog needed was a short headline and YouTube video to get the point across:

McLovin Is in a Band!

Yep. McLovin is in a band. Stop the Internetz! Such news is of vital importance, especially when actor-musician Christopher Mintz-Plasse is referred to as the nickname of a character he played in a popular 2007 film.

I get it. So goes the culture of celebrity, or those merely recognized for a part in a movie. Which is a shame, as Mintz-Plasse certainly has more to him than just one role as a second-string character in “Superbad.” But some fans of The Young Rapscallions, Mintz-Plasse’s band, may not get it. Just ask YouTube user shutupjemma, who posted the following on one of the band’s videos:

Who cares if Chris is on drums? The point is that he’s a good drummer and they’re all good musicians who make amazing music. The point is the BAND, not just Chris.

Fine point. Except that shutupjemma’s comment was posted the same day The Young Rapscallions made their presence known online, and a large part of that success was due in part to Mintz-Plasse’s Twitter account and some coverage of the band’s famous drummer.

Which begs the question. Is the point the band? Why have people simply referred to The Young Rapscallions as “a band with McLovin” instead of describing the actual band?

Obvious points aside, but it’s rather unfortunate to say that Mintz-Plasse is the sticking point for the band. They sound like a novel pastiche of bro rock acts with greater namesakes, be it a little bit of Jack Johnson-inspired melodies or the “curveball” influence of Rage Against The Machine. At most, the band just sounds like a mix between misinformed quasi jam-blues and a fourth rate, watered-down version of Cage the Elephant.

But really, they just sound like they’re still struggling to find their voice. Which is funny that in just a couple days they’ve garnered even the slightest bit of fanfare. Any other group would toil for years to tweak their sound until it reflects their voice. Instead, The Young Rapscallions are stuck with the signature chicka-chicka-yeaaaaah of McLovin – not even Mintz-Plasse at that – obscuring some semblance of individuality.

In any case, Chris, don’t quit your day job. Seriously, it sounds great. You get to be in highly entertaining films with a lot of heart and/or sociological theories behind them. And that ain’t a bad way to go.

The Young Rapscallions – “Are Fish in Tanks Insane?”:

[youtubevid id="zhAcBjdyIn8"]

The fake ID scene from “Superbad”:

[youtubevid id="uBSQabGk-wo"]

“Role Models” trailer:

[youtubevid id="wtFESEqa9fA"]

The Soft Pack’s “Answer To Yourself” featuring Christopher Mintz-Plasse (for “Kick-Ass”):

[youtubevid id="Qc3VAnJQuqA"]


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