Dapper Diapers

What is one of the big things heating up the Internet today? Diapers.

Not just any diapers mind you. Jean diapers.

The coolest baby in the room

Call them “Huggies for Hipsters” as some sites have. Call them a gimmicky ploy to attract an increasingly marketable niche audience.

Just don’t call them fake. It can be construed as a joke, but you can buy them online right now.

We can now open the floor for your Huggies jeans jokes. Here are a handful to kick off the mood:

Huggies for Hipsters: Coolest when purchased used

Huggies for Hipsters: Best New Diaper

Huggies for Hipsters: Yes, they are cutoffs

Huggies for Hipsters: If peein’ your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis

Huggies for Hipsters: Everything else is just shitty


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