1. Jay

    I am known as one of the “Emos” of New Plymouth
    And some of the points we were trying to get across, Never did.
    Like the point, there is not just one main group, The “Emo Killers.”
    But there’s people out there, Beating up people just cause they are different.
    And the other point is, That it’s not just in New Plymouth, But its everywhere! And parents should be aware of what happening, Not only the Emo Youths parents, but allegedly the parents of anyone for this is how their child/ren may turn out to be, Violent towards anyone whos different, Or picked on for beeing different.

  2. […] there was the charge of a gang of so-called “emo killers” threatening youths who basically didn&#82…; the entire incident appears to have died down and had the basic mark of sensationalist-driven […]

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