1. i was talking with my friends about how much bamboozle seemed like a “myspace festival” considering how 90% of the kids there were horribly scene, and most of the bands really did have nothing special to prove.

    though i will say that it was one of the greatest weekends ive had in a long time, and there were a ton more pros than cons. i saw tons of bands that ive been listening to for years, and i saw a few bands ive seen before. the scene kids were annoying, but you could always shove them out of the way. i didnt catch enter shikari, only because i havent listened to them much, so i didnt necessarily try too hard. but yeah, i stayed away from most of those small stage sets because they were all those small bands that sound like one another.

  2. Leor

    Yeah, what’s funny is I went to Give It A Name in London a couple of years back, which Enter Shikari also performed at, and it was more scene than any festival I’d seen before or since… then again, a good portion of the acts were American, but the kids certainly dressed to the 9… or rather 10.

    And I enjoyed myself there… it was a pretty great experience getting to see a bunch of bands from my neck of the woods in a foreign country, see how the kids were living and what they looked forward to, and see a couple of fantastic sets. And there may always be those “annoying” bands or individuals, but it’s all about finding what you like at a festival and enjoying that.

  3. exactly.
    half the bands at bamboozle were bands i’d usually laugh at, but i just had the mind set that i was just going to have as much fun as possible, and i wound up meeting a lot of cool people and having the time of my life. going for the whole weekend was worth it, definitely going next year.

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