1. Sam

    You are jumping to way too many conclusions on Ear Candy’s quip on “rumors are half the fun.” He’s talking about the fun of basically sitting on a couch and speculating with friends about who may be coming to Bumbershoot. Except he’s also sharing his thoughts with everyone else, including you. What’s wrong with that? He’s thoughts aren’t that music journalism shouldn’t be serious. Not at all. You’ve made a mountain over a mole hill of a statement made in 140 CHARACTERS on a mobile messaging site, for God’s sake. Plus, his message wasn’t even to you, it was to that Crick dude. You’ve just contributed to the mess. congrats.

  2. Leor

    Hey Sam,

    Thanks for the comments; very valid points and they’ve all been noted. But I disagree that I’ve made a mountain over a mole hill – I’m merely stating an opinion on the nature of music journalism entirely. And there’s nothing wrong with having fun, but when folks take every word deliberately – including 140 characters – then it’s important to realize the consequences. If anything, I’ve indicted myself more than anyone else, and this was meant to be an apology to fans who took my words as a gesture of seriousness. I didn’t mean to say Hay’s comment was wrong, but simply misguided. And in a world where anyone can post anything online, you’ve really got to be aware of the actions of others… especially when made in public. Sure, the comment was just to Crick, but it’s visible to everyone.

    I have to wonder why you’re so angry over what is basically my opinion. I’m sorry if I wronged you in any way, but this entire post was meant to apologize for making a mess of anything and giving up individuals hopes…. and my commentary of Hay’s post was a reflection of how anything that goes online can be misconstrued, even in my own actions. I’m sure Travis is an exceptional journalist: they don’t hire just anyone to write for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, especially when they’re the first major daily to stop printing and have cut back on staff, and he’s done a lot of non-music journalism as well. But he’s also not just sitting on some couch speculating with friends – he’s writing for an audience of strangers who’ve entrusted themselves in his every word. And while a Twitter post isn’t a full-blown article, it’s still public communication that, in this day and age, provides even more focused newsworthiness for even a major media outlet (and, to be quite frank, that’s a shame). The major points of reference from all of this reunion rumor circulation have all come from Twitter to boot, so to say that 140 characters is meaningless is a little much. But I hardly think that my commentary on how people take music journalism serious added to any mess any worse than before – I mean, after all, you seem upset enough to comment.

    And there’s nothing wrong with sharing your thoughts to the world – in fact, that transparency is great… but internet commentary tends to lack accountability, and my fears are that many a fan will be let down because of 140 characters…

  3. Matthew

    I just stumbled across all the rumors about an SDRE reunion tour yesterday, and of course, as soon as I saw it, I freaked out. As I dug more and more into the story, I wasn’t so sure it was actually happening. I was fortunate enough to see SDRE on the “HIFTBSO” tour back in 1998…and “The Rising Tide” tour in 2000…followed by The Fire Theft tour in 2003.

    But for the past 14 years, SDRE has been my favorite band…really. There are dozens of other bands I love, but none have been able to bump SDRE from that top spot since I first heard them when I was 16. Their music spoke to me and I can’t tell you how many people over the past decade and a half I have turned on to their music. I thoroughly enjoy The Fire Theft and Enigk’s solo stuff, but nothing would beat seeing Jeremy, William, Nate, and Dan on stage, blasting through my favorite songs.

    If the band does in fact tour, I can guarantee I will see them at least once, possibly twice. As a mini fan/family reunion, my brother, sister, brother-in-law, and I plan on meeting in Atlanta, coming together from three states (GA, FL, and VA) to see them if they play in the city…all of us coming together to “relive” the night we saw them at The Masquerade in ATL back in late Oct. 1998.

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