1. I’m consistently fascinated by all the foreign versions of emo. Partly because it’s funny to see how many degrees of bastardization are at work (the stretch from Braid to MCR) and how many more mutations are imposed by the innate cultural conflicts (Mexican emos vs. machisimo etc.). However, it can go the other way as well (notice that between a third and a quarter of the good emo from this decade has come from Italy, France and Japan).

  2. Leor

    Hey Marilyn,

    Thanks for writing, but I’m not entirely sure that you fully read my piece. The part where it says that “Avril Lavigne is emo” was from the original article from ArmeniaNow, NOT my piece. I was merely quoting the article there to show it’s misinterpretations of American emo from an Armenian viewpoint. If that didn’t show it, then clearly the mis-spelling of “Lavigne” would have.

    If you notice, literally a sentence or two later I wrote this:

    (though curiously enough Avril Lavigne is included in that list, which is odd because 1) she’s bland pop made to look like pop-punk and 2) I can’t imagine when she was last relevant, though Armenia is a completely different world…)

    So I agree with you, she isn’t “emo” in any sense, though I can’t say that you made any case arguing against that statement even if I had theoretically written that. It’s great sharing your enthusiasm for a musician across the Internet, but please do be sure to read what is written before you randomly comment; you might have noticed that Avril Lavigne isn’t quite at the top of my “musicians I listen to list.” But, keep on trucking away with that…

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