1. I actually thought that emo as a genre began with Minor Threat and Rites of Spring. Like seriously Rites of Spring, right? The same word can have similar/overlapping and even totally different meanings.

  2. Leor

    Rites of Spring, yes (they are, pretty much, the first emo band, circa 1984/5). The word “emocore” was coined in ’85 to describe the tinkerings to hardcore that post-hardcore acts like ROS, Embrace, Beefeater, etc were doing in DC at the time.
    Minor Threat, no. Not at all. Though the members of Rites were immediately influenced by Minor Threat – as they were the epitomal punk band in DC that really represented youth at the time – I would hardly say that emo started with Minor Threat. Minor Threat became the prototype for hardcore acts; short, fast songs, screamed vocals, etc. Even their within-band chemistry – a group of teens still trying to figure out their place in the world – which, in part, lead to their break up, offered a blueprint for bands to come. Though Minor Threat were in no way militant or macho, the scene devolved into that kind of a world. And Rites of Spring were a reaction to that, combining the hardcore of the time with poppier elements and a completely different lyrical style to boot. Minor Threat’s only relationship to emo is as a precursor, a pioneering punk band who set the template for emo to create itself upon.

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