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A Fall Out Boy has been arrested. So sayeth The Washington Post (via The AP):

LOS ANGELES — Singer Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy has been arrested on a two-year-old warrant for driving without a valid license.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore says the 25-year-old was arrested late Tuesday during a traffic stop by Los Angeles police. He was booked on an outstanding warrant for driving without a license and released early Wednesday after posting $15,000 bail.

…and all for an invalid license? I’m guessing (and this is by no means factual) that his license was probably expired for quite a bit of time. I honestly can’t see what other way his license could potentially be invalid… Chances are it’s not a fake (what would a 25 year old do with a fake?)

Police profile image of Patrick Stump via AP/WP

Police profile image of Patrick Stump via AP/WP

All and all, it’s actually, quite oddly, the best fit for a musician of Stump’s stature/image to get tossed in the slammer for a brief period of time. By all means, Fall Out Boy are fairly pop-and-teeny-bop friendly (their music tends to generate such a fan base at the very least, though truth be told their lyrics have some semblance of multiple layers), this kind of grand misdemeanor and the joint bail are on the same level as his stature in the pop realm.

Basically, not terribly offensive, but with the same style of semi-rebelliousness (though the actual crime probably more through thoughtlessness/forgetfulness).

And everyone thought Chris Brown was the clean-and-shiny pop idol out there.

I’m just waiting for some mega-celebrity to have a five-state manhunt with a warrant to arrest for jaywalking that would overtake national news and put everything into perspective…

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