Music career in the tubes? Go fly in a balloon!

So, your musical career is nothing but a joke, flush with riffs from a recent TV appearance. You’re tired of living a life on-and-off the road, not knowing where you woke up this morning and where you’ll be tomorrow. You’re anxious, tired and depressed.

What do you do?

Stage a fake balloon flight to freedom! It’s so brilliant, I can’t believe Kanye West hadn’t done it.

By now, Balloon Boy achieved certified Internet fame, which is far more than his TV or music careers could ever do for him. You might remember the young Falcon Heene from that episode of Wife Swap. (Chances are, you probably don’t – I honestly wasn’t even aware that show was still on the air.)

Or, maybe, just maybe, you know Heene from his illustrious rap career alongside his two brothers.

Young kids rapping? Curious? Of course you are! Take a little peek (warning: not safe for work… seriously):

[youtubevid id=”EBWJXXgaYBo”]

And who said rap lyrics were unintelligible?

Maybe the Heene boys need to hone their skillz a little more before they try to pay them billz. Though their parents may have seen rock superstardom in the future when they named their kid (with a name like Falcon, it’s either a rock star or a woodsman… or a falcon), perhaps they should spend less time chasing twisters and more time letting their kids rap careers grow… or something.

In any case, the YouTube video only has a couple thousand hits at the moment. Of course, once word gets out about this vid, Falcon and his brothers could stumble into a record deal. (Those still exist, right?) And hey, Falcon could’ve done a lot worse for his recent spate of 15-minutes-of-fame: no one was hurt, and not a single musician’s VMA acceptance speech was interrupted.


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