Kanye West & Spike Jonze – We Were Once A Fairytale

Kanye West is back, back to being an artiste of merit, back from the depths of hell he was cast in after a disastrous VMAs appearance, back from South Park cracks and autotune-haters’ smacks. Or something like that.

MTV reported that the short-film collaboration between Where The Wild Things Are director Spike Jonze and West, We Were Once A Fairytale debuted on West’s blog last night. The video has since been taken down, perhaps because the video was reportedly supposed to go on iTunes in September.

Still, Fairytale is beginning to make the rounds online, and perhaps the timing is a little to perfect for Kanye. After a disastrous month that saw the president taking jabs at West, Fairytale is so meta it’d make your head spin. The timing is just too perfect, too coincidental. Videogum has called it Kanye’s own The Wrestler, but it might be a little something closer to JCVD. Still, West’s life is particularly more pleasant than the pains of the characters in The Wrestler and JCVD, and rather than a lifetime of mistakes and regrets, we see a night-time of mistakes and regrets.

Fortunately, Fairytale doesn’t try and make West’s life seem like a pit of despair and is saved thanks to Jonze’s sharp sense of surrealism.

I could go on, but, it’s better to experience it for yourself.

Warning: not safe for work.

We Were Once A Fairytale:

[youtubevid id="MikdIcnViJk"]


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