Late Night Jamz: BFF – "Ham Dance"

Late Night Jamz is an ongoing feature dedicated to newly discovered tracks that are sure to get stuck in your head. Uncovered in the wee hours of the evening just before bed after a long day of work or play, these are the gems that make the adventures in finding music so enjoyable. Tonight’s track is Pooper is your BFF’s “Ham Dance.”

Ever catch some video or song and ask, “why has this thing not gone viral?”

It’s all across the board’s for “Ham Dance” by BFF (shorthand for Pooper is your BFF.)

Apparently, I’m a bit of a latecomer to BFF – “Ham Dance” has been online for almost two years now. But, so it seems, the rest of the Internet is letting BFF sneak by unknowingly. My excuse for finding this gem? BFF played a show with Juiceboxxx in Chicago last night. I may have missed the show, but I caught wind of BFF’s name. Luckily, she’s from Chicago, so hopefully she’ll be doing more shows soon.

Anyway. The song. Yes, the song. It’s fairly lo-fi electronica. It’s got a simple, repetitive beat costumed with a jittery guitar pattern. And the only lyrics are a nearly-childish repetition of the words “ham dance.” There’s some rapping in there, but the words “ham dance” will get stuck in your head like just about every other successful viral video.

And the actual video has hilarious animation of dancing meat.

What’s not to love? It’s a fairly solid song on its own merit, is probably a fantastic dancing tune when blasted out of club-sized speakers and it does everything a pop songs should do. So, next party you’re at, hopefully you’ll get everyone to do a ham dance.

BFF – “Ham Dance”:

[youtubevid id="3PiSB-cONT4"]


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