1. Jen Doll

    I saw this show in Boston last night and for me, it was worth the ticket price. BUT: we walked up to the box office to avoid the Internet service charge fees, which would have been something like another $50 for the 3 tickets I bought. Why oh why? Happy to pay for a band I like but those fees are what’s truly rage-worthy.

  2. Leor Galil

    Yeah, I’ve got a bit of an axe to grind with service charges… it’d have to be a band I really want to see for me to hop online and take the big hit for a service charge. I paid over 30 percent in service charges for a Sunny Day Real Estate ticket back in September, but that was still worth it to me… and cheaper than the Pixies ticket to boot.

    I’ve seen the Pixies before, and was contemplating coughing up money for the Doolittle show. But when I saw the price tag, I knew I wouldn’t be able to justify the pretty hefty cost up-front, not to mention the service charges I’d have to go through considering I don’t really have the time/ability to go straight to the box office to grab a ticket before it sells out.

    Oh how I could use those free/$5 Fugazi shows right about now…

  3. Piet Levy

    Great defense of DeRogatis, and yes I would imagine DeRogatis, like any good critic, would keep ticket price in mind when reviewing a show, as they should. I tried to do the same with a recent review of a new gourmet theater in Bolingbrook – I used a get-in-free coupon, so I didn’t pay a thing to get in, but in my review I still assessed whether the typical entry price was too steep. Of course that’s a guess – I didn’t actually pay the ticket – but I would think that my opinion wouldn’t have been swayed too terribly if I had actually forked over my own money for the cash. But how can I know entirely for sure?

    What “em” is addressing, if not directly, is certainly becoming more pivotal now as more bloggers enter the fray and write up reviews for shows and products they see for free. Thinking about this from a casual reader’s point of view, how am I to know that privilege and perks didn’t sway the writer? I guess it’s a matter of reputation and how persuasive the writing is I suppose, but it likely takes a lot of reading and perception to distinguish an insightful critic like Manohla Dargis from a quote whore like Ben Lyons.

  4. Leor Galil

    Hey, as long as you’re not swimming in Olympic-pool-sized piles of gold, I’m sure you were able to properly asses what most people would consider cheap and steep!

    And I certainly get what “em” was addressing… which is also why I was also a bit taken back by it. I mean, press passes are part and parcel for arts journalists, but that’s hardly “payola”… and if it was, you’d think DeRogatis would be swayed the other way! I’d just hope that people would be able to pick out the insight in the Sun-Times piece before letting their loyalty to The Pixies (or band “xyz”) get the best of them… but, I know what it’s like to be a rabid fan and be pissed off at a review… I just think pointing out a reviewer’s press pass is kind of a straw-man argument, and a weak one at that. But, so it goes…

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