Pixar's Up: The Remix

Someone on YouTube has taken a note out of Herbert‘s songbook. That being, find something, sample every sound that comes out of it and create some wonderful ditty. Here’s what’s been made of Pixar’s brilliant film, Up:

[youtubevid id=”JVxe5NIABsI&feature=player_embedded#”]

It’s a pretty jubilant, bouncy tune, not unlike something off of Herbert’s Scalewhere the musician sampled well over 700 different objects for a pleasant little album. If only the vocal patterns on “Upular” made any sense… or made complete sentences!

Still, an enjoyable little song. And I’m sure Brett Gaylor, the man behind RiP!: A Remix Manifesto has got to be head-over-heels with this song. An entire section of RiP is dedicated to the Disney empire’s control over cultural production despite its beginnings as an entertainment studio indebetted in re-imagining old stories. Oh, the irony of it all.

Feel free to watch RiP! below, or download it from the RiP website.

[huluvid id=”iA7IPNHOUAY2PtwBMEDbfA”]

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