1. Leor Galil

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you there. First, nothing in that link had anything to do with the above LT video. Second, the style in the LT video matches Eric Wareheim’s style to a “t,” and it even includes background characters featured in the Tim & Eric show. Finally, every single source has listed Eric Wareheim as the director, and there has yet to be any correction of the sort.

    Sorry, but I think the evidence is stacked up in favor of Eric. But, if Eric or Tim Skousen were to come out and say Tim directed the video, consider me corrected.

  2. shonufffffff

    Well, I’m glad you disagree respectfully. I would like to, with equal respect, explain why I think you’re wrong through several points. First, the link you got your story from does not say Eric Wareheim directed it. It only says it “looks like” it was directed by him. Second, there is no one in the music video who are also in Tim and Eric’s show. Don’t know where you got that from, unless you again, didn’t read your source material correctly (I recommend rereading the article on videogum) where it implied that LT looked like he could have been on their show. Third, here is a video of LT with Kimbo Slice that looks like another video made by this Tim Skousen guy back in 2008 (like in the link in my previous post) where they are playing the song way back then:


    Fourth, and finally (posed as a question), can you produce any evidence that it was directed by Eric Wareheim? Because there isn’t any online other than your and videogum’s opinion that it “looks like” it was directed by him. However, I have shown that it’s pretty likely that it was done by this guy. As evidence of it not being Eric W. Here is a link that purports to include all of his music videos and this one is not included.


    And looking further, here is another link about these LT videos that mention Tim Skousen as the director of the LT and Kimbo series.


    Now, I admit that there is no definitive proof in any link that says Tim S. directed this video, but it seems pretty likely given that LT today says he made it two summers ago, right at the time these other videos that feature the song were made.

    Any evidence you can produce for your conclusion will be respectfully received.

    – Sho’Nuffffff

  3. shonufffffff

    I noticed you posted a link to that pitchfork article, so I checked it out, and if you actually click on the link pitchfork provided, it doesn’t say that it was directed by Tim and Eric. It only says that it was made two years ago. When Tim Skousen made those other videos. Sounds like people are just starting to quote each other without checking the facts.

  4. Leor Galil

    First, “hard evidence” via Pitchfork:

    The Chargers’ Twitter says it’s ‘a Nike marketing video made 2 years ago’ and that Tim and Eric of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job” made it ‘for a syndicated sportstalk show as a joke’.”


    Second, from The Chargers:

    “We’ve been told the LT’s Electric Glide video making the rounds was made yrs ago by @TimAndEric for a syndicated sportstalk show as a joke.”


    That’s the info pointing to Tim & Eric… True, I didn’t include Tim because Eric has been known to handle directing duties, so I’ll change that.

    Second the vimeo stuff. If you notice, neither Tim Skousen nor Eric Wareheim posted that video. I’m not sure who posted it, but it certainly wasn’t either party. So, yes, it’s not on Eric’s site, but neither is it on that link of Skousen’s work.

    As for the side characters, true, I don’t have the exact details of the names of the background characters in LT’s video, but I’m certain I’ve seen a couple of them on the Tim & Eric show.

  5. Leor Galil

    Now you’re getting into the nitty gritty of semantics, but I’ll play along because, you’re right, it’s important to get the facts straight.

    I’ve done some research and I have yet to find any collaborations between Tim Skousen and the Tim and Eric Team. So, when both the Chargers and P4k say it’s been “made by” Tim and Eric, it could have been either of those two “directing,” but I can’t find anything about them collaborating with Skousen.

    Thank you for your corrections though: I shall make some semantic changes and await to see if there’s any hard evidence of Skousen having “directed” it.

  6. Leor Galil

    Checkmate. Thank you for your concern and for pointing out my mistakes – I wouldn’t be able to improve my writing and reporting if it wasn’t for concerned readers such as yourself. So thank you.

  7. shonufffffff

    Very cool. After hearing about the song in those Kimbo Slice videos I though I was being a real Weblock Holmes figuring out the Tim Skousen thing, but your post last night from the Chargers Twitter made me second guess my detective skills. I’m actually surprised to see I was right after all. Thanks for the shout out in the article.

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