1. Steve Weinberg

    If Trueslant.com treats any contributors unfairly, that is news to me.

    My tenure as a Trueslant.com contributor began in September. During 40 years as a professional journalist, I’ve served as a newspaper reporter, newspaper editor, magazine staff writer, magazine editor, freelance writer for newspapers and magazines and Web-only publications, plus completed books for eight different publishers. That means I have written for literally hundreds of editors at 100 or more media organizations.

    I generally get along well with editors. That said, I have never dealt with more considerate, accessible editors than those at Trueslant. Most of my dealings are with the superb Katie Drummond. But when I’ve dealt occasionally with others, including Coates Bateman, I have been equally impressed.

    The problems raised by David Appell appear to be isolated.

  2. Caitlin Kelly

    I get more thanks and help from Coates and Katie than any editors I’ve also ever worked for. I’ve made new T/S friends/colleagues off-line. I enjoy T/S and am happy to have found a home here — helping it attain 1m visitors.

    What Steve said.

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