Video Friday: 'Scott Pilgrim' The Movie Vs. The Song

Collider recently released information on the new Scott Pilgrim film:

Universal has announced their 2010 slate of films and with it we now have a date for Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: August 13th.

With every bit of information I find about the movie, my excitement level rises. To think I’ll have to wait until August is a tad bit unnerving.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is based on the popular “Scott Pilgrim” graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley. O’Malley’s ongoing series about a lovable loser (Scott Pilgrim) deftly manages to balance aspects of “indie” culture, emotionally tender scenes, a cavalcade of multi-dimensional characters, and nerd and video game humor in one engrossing package. O’Malley is set to release the last book in the series sometime this year, which is another thing I’ll have to patiently wait for.

The movie version of the series will condense all the books into a succinct film, directed by Edgar Wright. Wright, the man behind the ingenious British comedies Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and the all-to-brief TV series “Spaced,” is the best man for the job of adapting the books into a film. The guy’s work shows his ability to spin the “nerd” archetype into a multi-dimensional character. My only concern for the film is the choice of Michael Cera as the movie’s lead: As much as I’ve enjoyed some of Cera’s previous work, he hasn’t displayed a knack for anything besides the timid, “quirky” guy, a stereotype which could take away some of the real appeal of a character like Scott Pilgrim. Fortunately, if anyone can shape Cera into a Scott Pilgrim, Wright is the one to do it.

So what’s the big video for this week then? “Scott Pilgrim,” the song that inspired the name of the book series that inspired the movie. A catchy ditty by Canadian girl-rock quartet Plumtree, the song packs just about every beloved aspect of ’90s indie rock into a short and sweet track that hardly extends past the three-minute mark. O’Malley’s as much a music nerd as he is a video game nerd, and much of the series is filled with references to his favorite songs and bands. And “Scott Pilgrim” happens to be a great one:

[youtubevid id=”sb3TWNzMSr0″]


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