NBC Serves Stereotypes For Black History Month

Questlove, drummer for The Roots and all-around well-respected guy, came upon something curious in the NBC cafeteria. As anyone with a camera phone and a point to make would do, he took to the Internet and posted the following photo on his twitpic account [via mediaite and Mike Riggs]:



A picture says 1,000 words, and with all the words crammed into this picture, it says a whole lot about NBC’s utter ignorance at the fact that they would never consider that someone would get upset by celebrating Black History Month through a stereotype in the company’s cafeteria. Congrats to NBC for setting the bar so low in the oddest way possible.


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  1. Michael Roston #

    Sigh. I think we need to get Tracy Jordan and Liz Lemon on this pronto.

  2. masodark #

    Do they have separate lines in the cafeteria as well? One for whites and one for coloreds? Maybe the staff can put on their black face and do a little shuck and jive while they serve food.

  3. 4

    Definitely absurd, but it’s not like it’s a decision coming down from on high at NBC. We had soul food night at college run by the black student union; greens and chicken and even Kool-Aid and watermelon in the summer. Got a similar deal at my current workplace. This is indistinguishable from menus at NYC soul food restaurants. My best guess would be that the NBC cafeteria has a black chef who wanted to have some fun and not that this is the work of NBC HR’s diversity training crew.

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