Hardcore Punk's Return to SNL

Crisis of Conformity reunited on “SNL” this weekend.

Don’t remember Crisis of Conformity? Perhaps the video of the reunion will jump your memory [via Unlikely Words and The Daily Swarm]:

[huluvid id="YVEFp4lescx3IOWrHFyHJw"]

Ok, there was no band by that name. But, kudos to “SNL” for a well-played satire of all-walks-of-life bands reuniting, especially when the lyrical content doesn’t quite match the modern reality of the individuals involved.

The Swarm played the cool covert punk in their post, mentioning members of Trenchmouth and Scream performed in Crisis of Conformity. For those curious about that headline, Fred Armisen was the drummer for Chicago art-punks Trenchmouth in the 90s, and Dave Grohl sat in on drums for D.C. hardcore punk act Scream before joining a little band called Nirvana.

What’s also interesting about this performance is that it’s quite possibly the closest thing to a hardcore punk show featured on “SNL” since Fear‘s infamous spot on the program in 1981. The hardcore act was recruited to play the Halloween episode that year thanks to John Belushi (a fan of the band’s) and their set became one of the more infamous moment’s in “SNL” history. The video of said gig has been removed from YouTube, but let’s just say there’s a whole lot of shoving and things gone awry. (Or, feel free to check it out here.)


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  1. andygeiger #

    Dave Grohl may be all mainstream, sellout, yadda yadda… but the dude just seems to me a modern day rock n roll archetype. It was nice to see him return to the role of animal on drums with Them Crooked Vultures (LOVEd em). and that last skit where they punked out was the icing on the cake of one of my favorite SNL eps in well over a decade.

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