'Chocolate Rain' dude still around, somehow

It looks like the whole “Internet meme fame” thing is getting a lot harder to pin down. There may have been 15 minutes of fame before the web, but these days certain meme-based Internet “celebs” are finding new ways to stay afloat online.

Remember Tay Zonday “Chocolate Rain” guy? First, he had his “Chocolate Rain” video, which catapulted him into a YouTube sensation. Ok, fair enough.

Then came his cameo in Weezer’s meme-grabbing “Pork and Beans” music video. Sure, still mildly interesting.

Then a Super Bowl ad. Hmm… maybe this fame thing is getting out of hand.

Then, as of today, a video parody of a Justin Bieber song featuring Tay Zonday:

[youtubevid id=”tvSoGW1U20s”]

Feeling a bit tired? Yeah?

Apparently, the Internet has hardly exhausted all the Tay Zonday possibilities, with #TayZondayRumors sitting pretty as one of the top trending topics on Twitter, and that new video having snatched up more than 80,000 views in less than 24 hours.

What’s next? “Internet Big Brother,” or “Dancing with the Online Stars,” or something else? Maybe a catchy name will sell this series…


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