1. Really now… Emo is not a “Subculture”…it’s pop culture. Pop culture is a passing trend or fad and has no real bearing on the permanent culture of a country.
    Obviously they were correct in their statement that an Emo person is created each time you abuse your cell on the road.
    Someone must have been texting their thumbs off in the car to create someone who whines like this.

  2. Leor Galil

    Really now. If this is whiny, then you’re illiterate. Because, as I stated clearly, emo has been around for 25 years. A “fad” lasts for two, maybe five, years. Not two-plus decades. I could go into the details, but I’m sure packing too many paragraphs together without pictures for you to look at may be too much to handle.

    But, in a nutshell: Emo began as a post-hardcore subgenre in Washington, D.C. (read: subculture) back in 1985. Since then, it’s gone through many a transformations, including the one that’s seen it at the top of the pop charts. And it’s not a passing trend: If you actually looked beyond your close-minded attitudes and sought out the history of this scene (my guess is, from your ill-informed comment, you most certainly did not), you’d find pockets of little bands throughout the U.S. and abroad making emo music that hardly resembles the mall-punk status that you understand as emo.

    But, in any case, I pity you. Because if you think it’s OK to ostracize a teenager -a person – based on how they dress and your own close-minded perception of an individual you never met, you’ve got some serious issues of your own.

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