Lollapalooza releases lineup… in code

Lollapalooza, the gigantic three-day alternative pop music extravaganza, announced its 2010 lineup. Except you’ve probably got to be Vanna White to be able to discern who will be there from this quirky/gimmicky mess:

It’s a cute concept, but you’ve got to wonder why they decided to only use the “Os” from Lollapalooza and not any As, Ls or Zs. Unless, that is, they decide to add them later…

From the looks of it, it does appear that rumored headliners Soundgarden, Green Day and Lady Gaga fit into the mix pretty well, as do higher-tier supporting acts The Arcade Fire, The Strokes and Phoenix. The rest will hopefully be found out later this week.

Lollapalooza will be held August 6-8 at Grant Park. Tickets are on sale now and expensive.


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  1. beelzebud #

    I’m glad I went last year when Tool headlined. There really isn’t anything there this year I’d want to pay that much to see. Lady Gaga? Puh-lease!

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