Tea Party Movement finds flow with rapper

Who knew that our country’s forefathers were such good rhymeslayers?

Apparently, this guy [via New York Magazine]:

[vimeovid id=”10969400″]

Yep. The Tea Party has hit its tipping point for parody, and this time their critics really didn’t have to do anything.

Political rap is all well and good, but this just isn’t good. Just hearing the guy drop rhymes that plead against being pigeonholed as “birthers and national turfers” while blaming the “liberal media” for doing just that is, needless to say, cringe worthy. Nothing like complaining about sweeping generalizations while making some yourself to remind you what “hypocrisy” is. Or, should I say, hip-hop-crisy? (Scratch that. Pretend I didn’t just write that.)

Best lyrics:

T-E-A/We’re not racist

T-E-A/We’re not tea baggers


Oh yes. That happened.

Now here’s a real tea party rap:

[youtubevid id=”PTU2He2BIc0″]


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