You Say Party! We Say Die! drummer dies

Sunday afternoon, NME reported the death of Devon Clifford, drummer for Canadian power-punk band You Say Party! We Say Die!:

You Say Party! We Say Die!‘s drummer Devon Clifford passed away this morning (April 18), after collapsing during the bands gig in Vancouver on Friday.

Clifford was 30. The band posted a brief note on their Twitter account, a foreshadowing of the grief that will most likely come from the Canadian music community in the following days:

DEVON CLIFFORD 1979 – 2010 R.I.P.

Though I never paid much attention to the group, it always seemed like I never had to go out of my way to notice them. When they first burst onto the American music scene, it seemed as though I couldn’t read a music blog without hearing their name, or walk around my college radio station without noticing a You Say Party! We Say Die! poster plastered somewhere. Rather than there simply being an excess of PR goodies readily available, they managed to capture something in the air at the time that made people take notice and want to talk about the band. And Clifford’s drumming, delivered on record with machine-like precision and plenty of punk-rock gusto, really drove the group’s sound.

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    Mr. Galil,

    It is always the drummer who dies. Just ask Spinal Tap.

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