Jim DeRogatis to Sun-Times: Goodbye

On Monday evening, Vocalo’s Robert Feder reported that Chicago Sun-Times music critic Jim DeRogatis left the newspaper for a career elsewhere:

Jim DeRogatis, co-host of Chicago Public Radio’s nationally syndicated “Sound Opinions”and one of America’s premier authorities on everything that rocks, resigned Monday as pop music critic at the Sun-Times to join the faculty of Columbia College Chicago and become a blogger for

Love him or hate him, DeRogatis could make an impact in ways that many other music critics haven’t quite been able to do. His exit from the Sun-Times can be viewed as one of many signs of the changing of the old guard. In his post at the Sun-Times, DeRogatis represented something of a dying breed: A newspaper critic with enough gusto to provide an audience for the Sun-Times. In essence, a marquee critic. While there are many great music writer and music critics, the number of critics who’s name can provide a draw is small, and with DeRogatis leaving the Sun-Times it’s shrinking even more.

With his new position at Columbia College and Vocalo, DeRogatis is in a pretty good spot. But what message does this send to aspiring music critics and writers around the country? Are daily newspapers no longer a viable career option for prospective journalists looking to establish an individual brand? Are Vocalo-style websites a way for upstarts to break into journalism, or are they fast becoming a nice part-time gig for seasoned journalists looking to get a break from the rough and tumble existence at a daily newspaper? I for one will be interested to see how the Derogatis-Vocalo match works out, and just what those professor evaulations at Columbia College will say once DeRogatis begins teaching.

DeRogatis at last year’s Lollapalooza:

[youtubevid id="UWrp7YvV0Zk"]

An angry phone call from Ryan Adams to Jim DeRogatis:

[youtubevid id="yoTUXBbaFjE"]


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  1. andreaitis #

    That Ryan Adams voicemail — all two minutes and fifty seconds of it — is absolutely totally priceless. By far the best indicator of Jim DeRogatis’ musical influence and power. I now need to listen again to count the number of times Ryan Adams says “like” and variations of “f**k.”

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