1. jasonniggemeyer

    Many bands are beginning to post their music (very good and original music at that) for free with a suggested donation price. That way anyone with half a conscience who likes the music can help the band out if they want. quoteunquoterecords.com is an excellent example and worth looking into for any fan of unknown talent. There are at least three instant classic albums on there (The Taxpayers – A Rhythm in the Cages, The Arrogant Sons of Bitches – Three Cheers For Disappointment, and Bomb the Music Industry – Get Warmer) and countless others. Another unbelievable talent is Brian Lee O’Malley (creator of the Scott Pilgrim series), unbeknownst to most he also makes music under the name Kupek and posts all his music for free on his website radiomaru.com/kupek.

    These are all bands and ideas that came to mind when I read your post and especially the line “We’ll never make enough money for Tiny Engines to be a full-time job – anyone who releases vinyl record will tell you it’s virtually impossible to break even – but it’s our hope that we can at least earn a few bucks from each record to put directly back into the label for releasing more great music in the future.” These are the kinds of artists that are creating for the love of creating and profit is a secondary objective. I find these types of people much more interesting than the everyday MTV sound, and am actually inclined to donate more than I would normally pay for a CD in order to support their efforts.

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