Songs of Summer: Bodega Girls – 'We Are Losers'

Songs of Summer is a guide to the summer’s new tunes that evoke sensations of everyone’s favorite season. Today’s jam is: Bodega Girls – “We Are Losers”

Bodega Girls have been toiling away in Boston’s music scene for some time now. Their new single, “We Are Losers,” is a great reflection of their city’s odd music scene. How odd is it? Well, when two of the biggest names representing your music scene are Passion Pit and Dropkick Murphys, “downright odd” is a pretty solid definition.

However, “We Are Losers” isn’t an odd song: It’s a catchy, enjoyable pop tune that involves many of the same aural aspects people love about Passion Pit and Dropkick. Fortunately, “We Are Losers” isn’t weighed down by the shallow saccharine nature of Passion Pit or the blunt, boring three-chord tunes Dropkick churns out.

Instead, listeners are left with a mighty pop tune with a hook strong enough to hold all your winter wear until 2011. The beat and lyrics are simple, but hardly dumbed down. Need proof? Check their amalgamation of club music and ukulele composition. The combination may sound like a novelty trick, but it morphs into the kind of dance-friendly summer tune that’s sure to show MGMT fans circa “Kids” and “Waiting To Pretend” what a real pop song sounds like.

You can download “We Are Losers” from RCRD LBL here.

[youtubevid id="chAXi7yfPTQ"]


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