1. zonesbro

    You make some good points…but a universal forum?? There’s already Hipinion or, shit, GOOGLE for that matter. People can search far and wide to find what they want, and they’ll still be able to. This, like you said, eases peoples clicking finger in the search of something they like. This doesn’t take away CHOICE. For whatever reason, P4K liked these sites and decided to ask them to be a part of something new/fresh. An opportunity almost ANY blogger would have taken had they been asked. Of course news like this is sure to garner controversy, but damn lets see what this thing is gonna look like before people deem this irrelevant. Maybe they’ll add other “bloggers” to contribute. Maybe it will totally fail as these “bloggers” will probably be subject to deadlines. Who knows, but I’m excited to see how this turns.

  2. Leor Galil

    Excellent points yourself. And yes, I too am curious to see what the actual site looks like. As I said at the top of this post, I’m not against the idea, I just feel the attitude taken with this project negates the communicative environment of the music blogosphere.

  3. jaymichaelsmith

    Hey Leor –

    I dig your blog and check your posts here on T/S from time to time.

    This post is completely not constructive in the least, but coming from an impassioned music lover, I fucking hate Pitchfork. It is run by the worst types of snobbish, verbose nincompoops that are so concerned with being contrarian that they forget to ever make any emotional connection with any music whatsoever. Not to mention, many of the authors write as if they have no idea how music actually functions as an auditory experience, focusing more of what side project this or that idiot is currently working on. I’ve listened to the records they rank the highest in their album reviews; a number of them are unlistenable. I have literally wondered aloud while reading their posts if they are playing a huge joke on their readership, a giant Emporer’s-New-Clothes type gag where they’ve managed to dredge the shittiest muck they can fish out of the sea of indie music, label it as the most brilliant sound since the phonograph and with a snarky, ironic grin ask their drone army of skinny jean clad readers, “Don’t you get it too?” I can only hope that this latest attempt to include the blogosphere is a a sign that these pretentious morons are losing traffic and desperately attempting to stay relevant to keep the ad revenue rolling in. If by the grace of god I’m right, I hope they fail.

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