1. I think it’s important to remember that the artistic movement which allowed Whartscape to take root and grow in Baltimore existed in good measure due to the tireless efforts of a relatively small group of individuals who took up residence in the CopyCat building in 2004 intent upon, or happenstantially disposed towards, producing creative work which at its core had a determination to remain irreverant and absurd. The inclination was to produce work which reflected a natural extension of the personalities of the artists rather than to satisfy any particular aesthetic, or even to be paletable. There were many artistic and personal risks involved for these artists. Many of the most critical Wham City members seem not to have yet gained the widespread recognition that many associated acts have (deservidly so) have garnered. Lets hope that all of the individuals who contributed to the events in the CopyCat building continue to have prolific careers, and that the structures in place which are necessitated for the wide dissemination for such work serve to popularize the players, to the betterment of society.

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