1. everynowandthen

    When you say emo I associate it with borderline castrato vocalists whining over washy chord progressions and amateur-ability musicians. All the bands you mentioned I thought were pop-rock or pop-punk.

  2. Leor Galil

    Though many an emo act does feature falsetto-confined vocalists (see: Sunny Day Real Estate, Thursday) and sometimes washy chord progressions and (moreso in the mid-90s) amateurism, a large point of this piece was to show that there is hardly a rule to define emo, in many ways because of what the greater culture has redefined it as and because of those “emo” bands that have shaped it as it is today.

    So Thursday, with their lack of chuga-chuga guitar work and one-two-one-two drumming, is a pop-punk band? Fugazi’s brand of post-hardcore fused with funk, reggae, metal and a dash of hip-hop is pop-punk or pop-rock? Pedro The Lion’s slowcore-melding tunes are pop-punk? Owen, The Appleseed Cast and Maritime? The past two albums by Brand New, the ones drenched in feedback and without a dominant, immediate poppy hook? The Format’s whimsical ‘Dog Problems’ is pop-punk? Drive Like Jehu and SDRE? I get where one would consider Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, and perhaps The Promise Ring as such, but that’s the multi-dimensional nature of emo. And isn’t pop-rock something of an all-encompassing term anyway?

  3. Leor Galil

    Umm… I’m not entirely sure you even bothered to read this post. You would have found out that emo has been in existence since ’85 (read: while Cobain was a high schooler living on Melvins tunes) and an entirely different form of punk than Cobain’s grunge.

  4. mitchatl

    Mr. Galil,
    This is one of the best articles I have read on this topic, and by far the most research-infused. Rock on. Funny how I wanted to send you an email, and that option wasn’t included in the myriad of internet-communication methods linked on your amazing article. It would have been a good email!

    Rock on.

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