Video Friday: Cap'n Jazz – 'Oh Messy Life'

The Internet has been buzzing with rumors of a potential Cap’n Jazz reunion since December.

This week, the reunion picture got a little clearer. Jessica Hopper dropped a hint in the Chicago Reader that the rumors may come to fruition at the Joan of Arc Don’t Mind Control Variety Show at the Empty Bottle tonight. Last night, The A.V. Club‘s Kyle Ryan officially announced the reunion performance:

The A.V. Club has learned that seminal emo outfit Cap’n Jazz is playing a mini reunion set Friday night at the Empty Bottle as part of the Joan Of Arc Don’t Mind Control Variety Show.

Though Ryan doesn’t include any quotes from former Cap’n Jazz members, The A.V. Club is a fairly reliable source.

Not enough evidence? Since the announcement, Twitter has experienced quite a bit of Cap’n Jazz buzz, with many Cap’n Jazz buddies confirming that the band will be performing.

Former Braid/Hey Mercedes frontman Bob Nanna, who is buddies with the Cap’n Jazz guys, wrote this a mere four hours ago:

Whirlwind Nashville trip almost over. Then ians pizza, @Threadless bingo, and oh yeah, cap’n jazz. 🙂

Dan Didier, drummer for Maritime (and formerly of The Promise Ring), was asked about bandmate/Cap’n Jazz alum Davey von Bohlen’s potential role in the gig. His reply:

@mmmCOOKIESmmm Yup.

So, in celebration of all the recent Cap’n Jazz hubbub, here’s a little video that shows just what made this band so special and a touchtone of post-mid-90s emo:

[youtubevid id=”CJkqb57SArE”]

Tickets to tonight’s show appear to still be available, so snatch them up while you can. At $10 a pop, you’d be crazy not to pass this up, with or without Cap’n Jazz. It’s a night of performances by 14 bands, including A Tundra, Tim Kinsella, Owen, Disappears and many more acts associated with Joan of Arc. You really can’t go wrong at the price of less than $1 a band.


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