Video Friday: 'The Room' remixed

Tonight, Chicago’s Music Box Theatre will be present a special screening of “The Room,” with director/actor/screenwriter/producer Tommy Wiseau in attendance. It’s known as one of the worst movies of all time thanks to its inept direction, terrible acting and near-alien understanding of how people act and interact with each other.

The oddball movie has become a cult sensation, playing at midnight showings across the country and getting plenty of exposure in places like Entertainment Weekly and The A.V. Club. Want further proof of this terribly-cobbled-together movie’s popularity? Both of tonight’s screenings are sold out. But, if you’re eager to see what the big deal is and see Wiseau himself, grab tickets to tomorrow night’s added screening before they sell out too.

To celebrate Wiseau’s visit to the Windy City, here are a few videos that remix the “black comedy” (NSFW).

“Denny, Where’s My Money”:

[youtubevid id="9T6BDCyisUw"]

“Johnny’s Better Off Alone”:

[youtubevid id="Yn-vRk_AuKA"]

Insane Clown Posse Remix… Yes, such a thing exists… and it’s terrible:

[youtubevid id="QUTFmJ8ba00"]

“The Room Rap” – SPOILER ALERT (watching this video will ruin key “plot points”):

[youtubevid id="Kx-Fc0iVF2A&feature=related"]


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