Will Max Bemis no longer Say Anything?

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Max Bemis took to Twitter just a little while ago with one long, oft-rambling ode to the pangs of posting things on… Twitter.

Part of Bemis’ cathartic, well-intentioned rant included a curious take on the future of Say Anything, the excellent band Bemis fronts:

To let you guys in on some stuff that’s semi personal, I’ve been questioning why I play music a lot lately. I love the music itself and writing it and playing shows (where at least most people there are guaranteed to want to have something to do with actual music because they paid for it.). I’m not by any means a virtuoso at my instrument and at this point I read comic books more than I listen to music. Yet it’s still, professionally, and artistically, my passion in life.

Does this mean Say Anything is over? Probably not. Bemis talks about most likely making more music at the end of the letter/tweet, and these open letters to fans should be thought as the kind of transparency that comes with bands in the limelight in the Internet age. No word is final, but it’s nice to hear it shared.

One of the more interesting parts of the open letter might be the part where Bemis urges fans to do something, anything positive:

Knowing you have the right and not saying something out of humility, restraint, and caring for the individual you might be bashing, THAT IS REAL POWER. Maybe you should be spending your time questioning a government that wages oil wars and spends your tax money on killing machines rather than some guy with frosted-tip-swoop hair singing about love-long-lost.

The odd thing about that? It’s fairly similar to Tim Kinsella’s Alternative Press editorial a few years back about emo acts today that Bemis replied to with a heaping helping of criticism. Is that bad, odd or out-of-character for Bemis? Nope. It just seems like he’s reaching the same sort of “conclusions” that Kinsella came to those years ago.

Read the rest of the message here.


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