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July 31st, 2011 - 5:30 pm § in Freelance Work

Three Beats: Kid Sister Everything jumps on the tape train | Chicago Reader

Local punk label Kid Sister Everything released a five-song live EP by Fargo posthardcore band Animal Lover last week—its first cassette after four years of CDs and seven-inches. via Three Beats: Bassist Harrison Bankhead finally releases an album of his own | Three Beats | Chicago Reader. Live at[...]

July 23rd, 2011 - 1:37 pm § in Freelance Work

Three Beats: Cloud Mouth plays a round robin | Three Beats | Chicago Reader

Cloud Mouth start their long good-bye with a round robin via Three Beats: Cloud Mouth plays a round robin | Three Beats | Chicago Reader. Chicago postpunk trio Cloud Mouth will break up in the fall, and their round robin show is the first of many good-bye celebrations. Read more![...]

June 16th, 2011 - 1:03 pm § in Freelance Work

I’ll do it my way: Locals pick their jams for Saturday’s Punk Rock Karaoke Chicago event | Music | The A.V. Club Chicago

I’ll do it my way: Locals pick their jams for Saturday’s Punk Rock Karaoke Chicago event | Music | The A.V. Club Chicago. Punk and karaoke, together at last. Here are some picks from Chicagoans for the second Punk Rock Karaoke Chicago.[...]

May 3rd, 2010 - 6:38 pm § in True/Slant

Justin Bieber and DIY: What's in a punk?

Love Justin Bieber, but afraid to reveal it to your punk rock friends? Do you tell your friends that the music you’re blasting on your iPod is the latest pop sensation when it’s really Black Flag’s Damaged? Wish these two worlds could finally meet? Well, XLR8R and Exclaim! music wr[...]

April 26th, 2010 - 4:32 pm § in True/Slant

Roger Ebert and The Sex Pistols in… a failed screenplay

Late Sunday night, famed Chicago Sun-Times movie critic Roger Ebert posted one long article. Actually, it wasn’t so much an article as it was a screenplay. Ebert opened his vault and unloaded part of the script he wrote for a Sex Pistols-focused movie. Originally titled “Anarchy in the [...]

April 22nd, 2010 - 1:57 am § in True/Slant

Who's the American Idiot?

The Green Day-inspired rock opera, American Idiot, is now open for business. And the reviews are good [via The New York Times]: A pulsating portrait of wasted youth that invokes all the standard genre conventions — bring on the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, please! — only to transcend them t[...]

April 9th, 2010 - 2:28 am § in True/Slant

The worst music criticism: A review

I recently critiqued an article by Steve Almond that I felt unfairly and naively  lambasted music criticism. Almond wrote music criticism is pointless: I disagreed. And then I stumbled upon something that support Almond’s point 100 percent. I still don’t agree with what Almond wrote, bu[...]

April 9th, 2010 - 12:25 am § in True/Slant

Black Flag's Chuck Dukowski and hardcore punk's garage sale

A couple years back, Minor Threat drummer and Dischord Records co-founder Jeff Nelson decided to do a little spring cleaning. So, he did what any person looking to unload a whole lot of perceived junk would do: Sell it on eBay. Yet, Nelson wasn’t getting rid of, say, an old Tickle Me Elmo. Nel[...]

April 8th, 2010 - 2:46 pm § in True/Slant

R.I.P. Malcolm McLaren

The BBC is reporting that Sex Pistols’ svengali and artist-musician Malcolm McLaren has died: Malcolm McLaren, the former manager of punk group the Sex Pistols, has died in New York, aged 64, his agent has said. There have been a lot of famous pop music managers over the years, but none like M[...]

April 4th, 2010 - 4:12 pm § in True/Slant

The Dillinger Escape Plan live at Reggie's Rock Club

The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s reputation precedes the band. The mathcore quintet is (in)famous for their chaotic live sets, which are known for hosting waves of crowd-surfing and leaving members of the crowd and/or band with a broken bone or two. Such a legendary live performance might explain w[...]

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