1. humphreylee

    Someone should be kicked in the head in a circle pit for that offending piece of clothing. That’s be like N’Sync doing an Abbey Road take. Disposable pop artists should always be ridiculed for “homaging” musical acts that actually changed and challenged the way we think and perceive music, which Black Flag did. This kid is just another manufactured commodity in today’s viral/mass-marketed music machine.

  2. Bob Cook

    That Justin Bieber/Black Flag mashup shirt is totally punk, and Greg Ginn and SST are totally not punk for getting their undies in a bunch about it. Heck, it’s probably the most anyone has thought about Black Flag in years. (Also, Justin Bieber is DIY, like Boston was DIY. Just because it’s not punk doesn’t mean you can’t be DIY.)

    Other logos that would make great Justin Bieber mashups: the Exploited, the Cramps, Circle Jerks and Husker Du, with umlauts over the vowels.

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